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January 31, 2008

Delete my MySpace?

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I realize that question is a little redundant but bear with me.

Frankly, I love my MySpace. Isn’t is awesome-I luv it. It was my first foray into the world of social networking, which led to web 2.0.

I still remember the first day I talked to one of my friends on MySpace over the summer I hadn’t seen since the end of school. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe it. I was talking to someone-ONLINE!

Since then, it has led to easy communication, a big plus when dealing with homework/projects. I don’t have to call someone to find out about homework. (Or is that a bad thing?)

It started my blogging habits. Yes, MySpace is where it started. No one reads my blogs there nowadays. My so-called “friends” clearly don’t care about me that much.

It also led me to get a AIM screenname-a huge step in my social life.
That sounds horrible but at the time I had no other way to talk to people I wasn’t great friends with

It has let me showcase my amazing photoshop skills. Yeah. You should look at and cmnt them!

But now…You know. Dumb bulletins. Dumb pictures-the infamous MySpace angle.  5 minute loading times every page of the site. Countless reminders everytime I do something. It’s a Model T compared to the sleek vehicle of Facebook.

As cool as my profile is, I hate the site. I have 2 good friends that don’t check/have Facebook. Since they’re probably not reading this, they aren’t that important. If they are, check your Facebook. I wrote on your wall 3 days ago and you haven’t responded!
 It’s a tough decision. 

 UPDATE Ok I didn’t delete it. Sue me. Give me a couple weeks to  consider this important decision, nd I might. 


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