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January 31, 2008

Hope For America/How a persuasive essay works

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Ron Paul is the best Republican presidential candidate. He has more knowledge and well-rounded experience than the other Republican candidates. State your opinion. It’s not a request, just your opinion. Paul should be named the Republican nominee for president. State the basic action you desire.

Ron Paul is the most fiscally conservative presidential candidate. He has never voted to raise taxes or to pass an unbalanced budget during his 10 terms in Congress. He realizes what must be done to get out of recession-pull out of Iraq. Stop borrowing money from China. Abolish the IRS and the income tax. Go back to the gold standard to give our money value again.

Paul believes that universal healthcare is unnecessary and would result in subpar care and excessive federal control. The licensed OB/GYN knows stopping pharmaceutical campanies from spiking drug prices will make healthcare affordable. Paul mantains the conservative pillar of letting citizens control their purchases.

Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate with a clear and effective position on Iraq- get out. Paul opposed the war from the beginning. He believed Iraq posed no threat and our occupation would drain our resources and destabilize the region. He still does.

The Air Force veteran is a strict Constitutionalist. He has never voted for increasing the power of the executive branch or the infringement of any civil liberties. He believes states should decide on modern interpretation issues like gay marriage and abortion. This country needs a return to a smaller, fiscally responsible federal government. List your reasoning. Only use arguments that are strong. If you have one strong argument, use it. If you have several, use them. If you use one weak reason, your whole argument will fail because you’ll spend all your time defending that one point.

Paul’s opponents claim he’s not electable. State the arguments used against your solution. This will make your audience receptive-they’ll listen to you now. However, Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate whose Iraq withdrawal stance will appeal to independents. As Paul gets fair media coverage and voters learn more about him, his support will increase. exponentially because he is the perfect conservative candidate with a spotless voting record.

Paul is also the only candidate that could beat Obama if he gets the Democratic nomination. The neoconservative base is shrinking and people will flock to a candidate that promises change and has the experience and straight talk to back it up. Paul also has the biggest grassroots support and a steady flow of individual donations, unlike many GOP frontrunners. Debunk your opponent’s arguments. Now you’re ready to do something.

If you will be 18 by November 4th 2008, vote for Ron Paul in Indiana’s Republican primary on May 6th. Make sure you are a registered voter and register for the primary by April 7th. You can register to vote at and register for the primary at If you have a steady income, donate to his campaign-it’s almost entirely funded by individuals like you. The average donation of his record-breaking fundraising effort was $50.

If you’re an adult, you might be able to become a congressional delegate for the national convention. This can be accomplished by contacting Ron Paul’s campaign office at 703-248-9115 and speaking with your regional coordinator. If one candidate doesn’t get 1191 delegates, delegates vote for a candidate of their choosing. This would allow Ron Paul to get the nomination even if he has a minority of state delegates. State SPECIFIC actions your readers can do to get this solution accomplished. The less they they have to think the more likely they’ll do it.

Once Ron Paul gets the nomination, he’ll finally receive fair media coverage and the support of the conservative base. He will win independents with his record, plans, and grassroots momentum. Once he is elected, our economy will improve. We will pay lower taxes that we know aren’t being squandered by policing the Middle East. The government will not wiretap our phones, read our emails or monitor our internet browsing. Healthcare will be more affordable and the price of gas will go down.

If he gets the nomination but loses the election, he’ll get fair media coverage in four years and be in even better position to win the 2012 election. State motivation. Why should your readers do this? The best motivations are mental.


  • State your opinion.
  • State the solution.
  • State your reasoning.
  • State your opponent’s arguments.
  • Debunk your opponent’s arguments.
  • State specific actions.
  • Offer personal motivation.
  • This works like a charm. You’ll see it’s a huge step from just arguing.


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