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February 5, 2008

The Libertarian Manifesto

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The history of political parties in this country and political opinions can be expressed in the question of how much power the federal government should have. Ever since the formation of this county, that question has determined political parties, been the base of citizen’s political leanings whether they’re aware of it or not, and fueled the issues that entangle our nation.
These leanings are liberal and conservative, or in the more extreme cases, progressive and libertarian. The former terms are sometimes used by their users to distance themselves from the main party. Liberals/progressives favor a strong central government, more spending and more taxes. Conservatives/Libertarians favor more states rights and less spending and taxes.
Ony may argue that liberal or conservative is an opinion, and that neither is more “right.” In a limited perspective this is true. But in order for this country to remain a world power 100, 200 years from now, a libertarian doctrine must be enforced.
Simply liberal or conservative as a political philosophy is too general and easily catered to voters whims instead of the country. A progressive doctrine is labeled “compassionate” or “humanitarian” and is anti-war and pro-most civil liberties but will fail because the over-extension of the government. A progressive doctrine regulates the economy too much and spends too much to survive recessions and wars. A progressive government can easily be corrupted.
The belief that the government exists only to protect it’s citizens from other people lies at the heart of the libertarian doctrine. This was embodied in the Constitution but comes from Rousseau’s social contract-the government exists only to protect it’s citizens from other people, and the people control the government. It holds Locke’s concept of natural rights in high regard. The structure of Libertarianism allows the most freedom of all kinds within the limits of the Constitution.
The Libertarian platform:

  • Libertarians are strict noninterventionalists. They never strike first, and when they retaliate, declare war. They oppose empire-building of all kinds. They talk with all nations, trade with some, and fund and police none.
  • Libertarians are strict Constitutionalists-anything in the Constitution that doesn’t violate rights is set in stone. Libertarians exercise a great respect for rights granted in the Constitution.
  • Libertarians never infringe on an individual’s right to privacy. Spying or wiretapping without a warrant is explicitly unconstitutional.
  • Libertarians have a great respect for property. Your income is your property, thus it must be untaxed and free to spend on healthcare as you choose. Your land is your property, thus anyone else that pollutes it is liable.
  • Libertarians do not regulate or run the economy. They lower taxes and create sound money through the gold standard then let the people run the economy themselves.
  • Anything that is not clearly defined in the Constitution or any issue marred by religion like abortion or the death penalty should be left to the states to determine. Banning civil unions is unconstitutional.
  • This allows the citizens to develop and spread an economy on their own. This reduces the countries impact on the world and vice versa. It reduces the impact of an incompetent or corrupt government.
    The best, most competent government will simply enforce strict Libertarianism. This means they will do as little as possible-spending as little as possible, getting the least entangled in other countries, passing the most restrictions.
    Just as the patriots and the loyalists created the bureaucrat politician, the bureaucrat and the middle class active voter will create the Libertarian government with one class: voters. The government is made up of voters, who enforce an existing policy.
    The steps towards a Libertarian government:

  • Enact strict nonintervention. Interact negatively with as few countries as possible, but don’t respect foreign treaties and laws-only what is Constitutional. Do not attack or provoke Iran and withdraw from Iraq. War is a last resort.
  • Abolish the IRS, lower taxes and go back to the gold standard. This will allow the economy to regulate itself.
  • Government programs and agencies are to be minimized in both funding and power. This includes welfare and No Child Left Behind. Only ones which protect citizens from themselves are to exist.
  • Liberties granted in the Constitution must not be infringed-exercise of religion, right to bear arms, etc.
  • The federal government cannot rule on issues of morality, and previous rulings and laws must be reversed/appealed.
  • The federal government must not control citizen spending in any way besides the sales tax. This includes any sort of universal healthcare.
  • Or-Vote Ron Paul


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