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April 11, 2008

House passes AMERICA Act, nullifying Constitution

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Note-this is totally fake.

Last night the House of Representatives passed the AMERICA Act 405-30, giving unrestricted power to the executive branch. The bill, sponsored by Frank Leher (R-MI) will take effect July 4, in honor of our nation’s independence from monarchial tyrants. The bill provides the president with the tools he needs to combat terrorist forces across the globe by eliminating the lengthy legal process and red tape needed to amend the Constitution.
The AMERICA Act, or Aiding the Righteous Executive branch by Enabling it to Destroy Opposing Masses, allows the president to protect this country from numerous terrorist sets. The bill is composed of nine pillars:

  • Allowing the president to infinitely veto any bill, regardless of Congress
  • Allowing the president to write and introduce bills
  • Allowing the president to pass and repeal bills
  • Allowing the president to reverse Supreme Court decisions
  • Amending the Constitution to allow the president to indefinitely suspend certain clauses
  • Permanently repealing the Bill of Rights
  • Subsidizing all state, city and county governments into one terrorist-busting executive branch
  • Allowing the president to ban or censor any media posing a threat to America
  • A federally mandated “moment of prayer” in all schools
  • The God-hating minority that oppose the FREEDOM Act claim the bill is unconstitutional and grants the executive branch too much power. Said Brian Jones as the bill was being debated: “This might be reasonable if we had a Democrat in power. But with George Bush we can’t afford to take any chances. Let’s wait until general elections.” Jones is currently being detained for possibly radical thoughts.

    The bill’s author and its many supporters, including President Bush, fervently rallied against the terrorists and held a late-night prayer marathon in favor of the bill. Said Larry Hagel (R-AL) “We’ve already voided parts of the Bill of Rights, surrendering now will throw this country into chaos. America is not going to cut and run. We’ll restore the original Constitution when the danger has passed and the country is stable again.”
    President Bush addressed the nation last Thursday, tearfully pleading “If you don’t pass this bill, it sends a message to the terrorists that they have won. Unless you give me unlimited power, democracy will be dealt a horrendous blow. Also, terrorists will invade this country, rape your wife, enslave your children and blow up you and your house.”


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